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The Secret of Tin­ni­tus

Colum­ne “Port Woling” 2015-10

Do we need to under­stand the secret of tin­ni­tus? Once again, a TV repor­ter in a maga­zi­ne tried to explain the suf­fe­ring of tin­ni­tus. Con­cus­sive, what fal­se facts and hopes he spread. It is hard­ly sur­pri­sing how litt­le the pro­blem, this tra­gic ill­ness and con­se­quen­ces, is taken into con­side­ra­ti­on.

In return, I remem­ber a tin­ni­tus outing of a con­cer­ned per­son.

Fri­ends, do not hit the book at once - per­haps you will learn to under­stand a per­son affec­ted and his very spe­cial abili­ties. I will ser­ve it as a light diet, as he wis­hed.

Here his outing about tin­ni­tus - one of the most mys­te­rious dise­a­ses and its con­se­quen­ces.

Hel­lo world - here is his outing
A per­son affec­ted ...

... out hims­elf to me and to the world. Not just foot­bal­lers are going out. Now also tin­ni­tus owners turn.

He urged me - he wan­ted to get out now and here!

He was also sup­po­sed to do this - he was recent­ly taught at a real­ly futi­le reha­bi­li­ta­ti­on in a tin­ni­tus spe­cia­list cli­nic.

He began to con­fess his con­fes­si­on. It is due to its high, per­ma­nent tin­ni­tus ...

1. a saint
2. a clo­ne
3. a tin­ni­tus per­so­na­li­ty.

So - now it’s out. I begin to under­stand him slow­ly. The fol­lo­wing nar­ra­ti­ve makes me much clea­rer. He apo­lo­gi­zes for taking 31 years to report on his spe­cial pre­dis­po­si­ti­on to chro­nic tin­ni­tus.

About three mil­li­on Ger­mans are affec­ted by tin­ni­tus. Of tho­se affec­ted, 1% again pos­sess the par­ti­cu­lar­ly per­fi­dious fol­lo­wing cha­rac­te­ristics of a tin­ni­tus owner of the most seve­re, chro­nic form. He belongs to the lat­ter.

Now exha­le - he said it - final­ly! You see his reli­ef. But how do you see him now? Is he still nor­mal? Plea­se look first.

What is the spe­cial fea­ture of the­se not too nor­mal assess­ments?

He was now - after more than 30 years of dai­ly, con­scious tin­ni­tus suf­fe­ring - for the first time on medi­cal reha­bi­li­ta­ti­on. Then a lot beca­me clea­rer to him.

The known dise­a­se

Here is the cruel truth.

Tin­ni­tus is a per­ma­nent noi­se riot!

In try­ing to explain - here is the worst for tho­se affec­ted. Spe­cia­lists in tin­ni­tus cle­ar­ly speak of a dise­a­se - but the legis­la­tor does not. For the legis­la­tor it is ONLY a sym­ptom or con­se­quence of hea­ring loss. What a despi­ca­ble moron - knows ever­yo­ne con­cer­ned. What is the exclu­si­on of tho­se who are affec­ted, what kind of dis­cri­mi­na­ti­on or in-the-corner?

Hea­ring loss is at most a con­se­quence of long-term tin­ni­tus. In most cases, tin­ni­tus is accom­pa­nied by a hea­ring loss in the same fre­quen­cy ran­ge, but some­ti­mes dis­tur­ban­ces of balan­ce or lack of direc­tion­al hea­ring.

Howe­ver, the broad effects of tin­ni­tus are worse. That is the pro­blem. Why does not the aut­ho­ri­ty want to reco­gni­ze tin­ni­tus as a dise­a­se? The pri­ma­ry disa­bi­li­ty does not result from hea­ring impair­ment, but from tin­ni­tus and tinnitus-related dis­or­ders, inclu­ding rela­ted stress dis­or­ders.

Tin­ni­tus - a hea­ring loss - is a seve­re case, a chro­nic pain of loud hea­ring of most­ly high-frequency but some­ti­mes low-frequency dif­fe­rent noi­ses on both ears. The­se noi­ses have no exter­nal, per­cep­ti­ble source. Dif­fe­rent cau­ses can lead to this dise­a­se from tomor­row to tomor­row. Heal­ing is pos­si­ble - if at all - only within the first days.

In the most pro­no­un­ced form tin­ni­tus with all its con­se­quen­ces (phy­si­cal­ly, psy­cho­lo­gi­cal­ly, pro­fes­sio­nal­ly, men­tal­ly, soci­al­ly) is a very high-grade disa­bi­li­ty - the per­son con­cer­ned can reach a par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on in the social life only with a per­ma­nent­ly high desi­re for will. It requi­res the utmost men­tal effort around the clock - wit­hout a break - even during sleep - all the rest of the life. Many do not suc­ceed.

The effects and func­tion­al impair­ment of a very seve­re tin­ni­tus are hard­ly con­ceiva­ble for non-affected per­sons. Tinnitus-related effects and disa­bi­li­ties affect the qua­li­ty of life as well as the men­tal sta­te nega­tively, have a mor­bid phy­si­cal effect and go along with high, dai­ly suf­fe­ring pres­su­re.

They have long-term direct influence on body, mind and soul.

Cure? If in the first three days after ent­ry did not hap­pen - for­get it! Every cou­ple of years he has been play­ing the same game for over 30 years - he is hoping to do some rehear­sals.

The­re was no real path of cure to this day. Noi­ser? The expen­si­ve “Noi­ser” named noi­se makers are to have been it for a few years. Such a non­sen­se. The addi­tio­nal noi­se in the ears by hea­ring aids with noi­se can only be alle­via­ted by a few suf­fe­rers, but NEVER sol­ve the pro­blem and effects.

His suf­fe­ring

For exam­p­le, it is 70 dB sound pres­su­re level on one and 90 dB on the other ear in dif­fe­rent fre­quen­ci­es of the high fre­quen­cy ran­ge. This com­pa­ra­tively cor­re­sponds to the noi­se of lawn­mo­wers, main traf­fic noi­ses, trucks or medi­um press air ham­mers.

He gave an offi­ci­al in his case to under­stand, he would only plea­se one day a Press­luft­ham­mer right next to his win­dow in ope­ra­ti­on and then his job. The com­pa­ri­son pro­du­ced litt­le under­stan­ding. As well as. Place the com­pres­sed air ham­mer first.

As alre­a­dy men­tio­ned - Tin­ni­tus is not clas­si­fied as a dise­a­se, but its sym­ptoms are ill in many ways and in a con­cen­tra­ted form. It was the same with him, right up to the repea­ted life-threatening con­di­ti­on.

As we shall see, tin­ni­tus effects also have advan­ta­ges. He empha­si­zes this. The­re comes to him the incor­ri­gi­ble opti­mist - the source of his power.

Well, why is he at the same time a saint, a clo­ne and a tin­ni­tus per­so­na­li­ty?

Here three short epi­so­des to the issue.

A tin­ni­tus saint

A Saint San­ta Tin­ni­tus? He empha­si­zes - No - he real­ly is not. He is only a tin­ni­tus saint, at least if we fol­low the faith of cer­tain peo­p­les of the pre­sent or of anci­ent times.

Accor­ding to this belief, the tin­ni­tus echo­es occur within the body of tho­se who hear the voices of the gods. Tin­ni­tus is, so to speak, the mouth­pie­ce of the over-natural. Tin­ni­tus suf­fe­rers recei­ved their pre­dic­tions.

Well, he knows some gods in reli­gious works. Only - he hims­elf could not iden­ti­fy with the­se reli­gi­ons - only with human, ethical-moral norms.

Should still be some­thing - may­be defi­ned by modern quan­tum phy­sics? Then he would have no disa­bi­li­ty but a fasci­na­ti­on.

Is it a door to the soul of peo­p­le, a sound image of the envi­ron­ment or even rea­li­ty?

It would be a miracle-only he would not spe­cu­la­te. He wat­ches it con­ti­nue.

A tin­ni­tus clo­ne

He recent­ly lear­ned that he was also a tin­ni­tus clo­ne. My God - first saint and then still clo­ne. How did it hap­pen?

He sat in the tin­ni­tus cli­nic to a lec­tu­re with about 50 suf­fe­rers - all suc­cessful tin­ni­tus owners in seve­re cases. If not suc­cessful - they would not be pre­sent.

Stran­ge as the par­ti­ci­pan­ts resem­bled in utteran­ces, in beha­vi­or, in reac­tions during the pre­sen­ta­ti­on. He could obser­ve the real. Later the seni­or spe­cia­list con­firm­ed this impres­si­on.

The expl­ana­ti­on reve­als its­elf in the fol­lo­wing fact - which gra­du­al­ly beca­me awa­re of the par­ti­ci­pant. The­re are recent sci­en­ti­fic stu­dies for long-standing, highly-rated tin­ni­tus pati­ents in terms of their per­so­na­li­ty cha­rac­te­ristics. The over 99% (!) To the con­cer­ned simi­lar to equal per­so­na­li­ty cha­rac­te­ristics.

The­se cha­rac­te­ristics have grown in deca­des - alt­hough the­se peo­p­le came to their loud “life com­pa­n­ion” in a dif­fe­rent way - whe­ther they were women or men - by seve­re blast trau­ma, seve­re stress pha­ses, hea­ring loss, fate and other things.

Yes - we all con­cer­ned about the thumb have the same per­so­na­li­ty cha­rac­te­ristics. Sud­den­ly he felt like a clo­ne under the same clo­nes in this heap of tinnitus-tied, as among siblings-no, even heigh­ten­ed.

Yes - he told hims­elf - we are all a clo­ne of the first “pre­his­to­ric tin­ni­tus”.

It was asto­nis­hing how all the siblings accept­ed. Yes - she throws not­hing so quick­ly. They try to find out the cau­se first when a bomb bursts next to them. Then they go to cover. He knows this quite well.

A tin­ni­tus per­so­na­li­ty

A per­so­na­li­ty in the sen­se of an exam­p­le was always his endea­vor - even if it did not always suc­ceed. He empha­si­zes the lat­ter. Only - decisi­ve is always the wil­ling­ness to learn from his mista­kes. Then even the error car­ri­es posi­ti­ve qua­li­ties.

That he also beca­me a tin­ni­tus per­so­na­li­ty was pro­ba­b­ly not at his dis­cre­ti­on. As we have just seen, high­ly tin­ni­tus suf­fe­rers have over 99% the same cha­rac­te­ristics in terms of their per­so­na­li­ty cha­rac­te­ristics. Well - he has sum­ma­ri­zed the­se reco­gni­zed cha­rac­te­ristics of his tin­ni­tus com­ba­tants times.

Here is his list of the most pri­mi­ti­ve cha­rac­te­ristics. Cau­ti­on - they are not a horo­scope, but real.

The­se qua­li­ties are at the same time a bles­sing and cur­se - as one takes it.

Strong self-control, extre­me per­fec­tion­ist, high sen­se of duty and loyal­ty, high respon­si­bi­li­ty, can NEVER say no, head-relatedness - the brain always works under full load, strengths of a sin­gle figh­ter, high per­se­ver­ance, high­ly know­led­geable and lear­ningful, always the next appoint­ment in the eye, high con­trol need , At night crun­ching with your tee­th.

And it goes on. They con­stant­ly deve­lop high expec­ta­ti­ons of them­sel­ves, but they also set simi­lar stan­dards to others. They are relent­less and always sus­pi­cious.

They are chro­nic fortune-tellers and wit­hout posi­ti­ve emo­ti­ons, but ima­gi­na­ti­ve and full-creative mad­ness.

Hap­pi­ness or joy can only be felt in the pre­sence of fami­ly mem­bers or fri­ends. They also need this bond. On the other hand, they are very recep­ti­ve to inju­s­ti­ce.

Nega­ti­ve emo­ti­ons, such as fear? They know this, but only the fear of someone, fami­ly, fri­ends, fel­low human beings or some­thing in the envi­ron­ment - but never fear for them­sel­ves.

They always want to bring per­for­mance - around the clock. Yes - even during typi­cal sleep dis­or­ders, they con­ti­nue to work men­tal­ly.

Suc­cess and per­for­mance pres­su­re? No one has to exert any influence on them - they do this them­sel­ves in mer­ci­less self-destruction.

They are scar­ce­ly ter­ri­ble - in the case of the unex­pec­ted, they first con­sider what the reason could be.

They live per­ma­nent­ly in rest­less­ness, in abso­lu­te endu­rance, or in per­pe­tu­al stress at the edge of self-destruction. You can not escape that.

The exter­nal world has a grea­ter signi­fi­can­ce for them than their own exis­tence. They can not repre­sent them­sel­ves - it has no mea­ning - they do not take them­sel­ves so serious­ly.

Not­hing escapes them-there is not­hing unim­portant for them. They can abso­lut­e­ly hide not­hing so easi­ly - they want and need to save the world - but they are also able to do so.

They are con­dem­ned to recei­ve life wit­hout inter­rup­ti­on. They have no time to get the dise­a­se on track. Other or others are more important.

They are sub­ju­ga­ted by not­hing and no one, or are stret­ched befo­re the cart. Their life is 100% only com­pul­so­ry - the chro­nic, hor­ri­ble tin­ni­tus.


Even if he is per­so­nal­ly threa­ten­ed with a tin­ni­tus epi­so­de and not too rare­ly his head - if the sud­den, dialec­ti­cal over­flow threa­tens - he sees it posi­tively.

Peo­p­le I can tell you - he is quite hap­py with his tin­ni­tus pos­ses­si­on. Who or what would have given him this strength for life?

In one, howe­ver, tin­ni­tus clo­nes seem to dif­fer. The­re are tho­se who sur­vi­ve the deca­des with an anti-tinnitus stra­tegy, but still con­scious­ly deal with all the pres­su­res of the day. And - the­re are the others who are eager to wait for the day when the light goes out - then they would final­ly have their peace.

That’s it. That was his outing. Thanks to him. Per­haps his outing makes tin­ni­tus more sus­cep­ti­ble to peo­p­le who may also have the pro­blem or live and suf­fer in your envi­ron­ment.

Just do not for­get - the many pos­si­ble tin­ni­tus effects for the most sever­ely affec­ted are une­qual­ly more diver­se. It is frigh­tening what cau­ses total impai­red­ness - and what the world out the­re bare­ly con­scious­ly per­cei­ves.


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