Intro­duc­tion and Idea of Tra­vel

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Intro­duc­tion and Idea of Tra­vel

Tra­vel Gui­de “Bai­kal” (Click to enlar­ge)
Intro­duc­to­ry Words

I have crea­ted this gui­de in the hope that more peo­p­le will be inte­res­ted in the The Song of the Bai­kal­The Song of the Bai­kal­vast­ness of Rus­sia east of the Urals and the Far East. Curious about the Far Eas­tern regi­on of Sibe­ria, fri­ends of free tra­vel cul­tu­re - they all find their spi­ri­tu­al Eldo­ra­do far away from mass tou­rism and monu­men­tal blind­ness.

Tho­se who are inte­res­ted in the Bai­kal have a chan­ce to get to the bot­tom of soli­ta­ry paths and find old shores. It awaits a las­ting expe­ri­ence and impres­si­ve docu­ments on the “Rei­chen­see” and the deepest source of our earth.

I dedi­ca­te the­se lines to the gre­at man of Bai­kal. Once they have been expe­ri­en­ced, they will be remem­be­red fore­ver.

They are admi­ra­ble in many respects - whe­ther their mode­s­ty and per­se­ver­ance in the harsh con­di­ti­ons of the Sibe­ri­an win­ter, their deep spi­ri­tu­al bond with the Holy Sea, respect for their ances­tors, their respect for the flo­ra and fau­na, their radi­ance in the form of the Rus­si­an soul, Their attach­ment to all eth­nic and reli­gious diver­si­ty, their kind­ness, wil­ling­ness to help and tole­rance, but also their hos­pi­ta­li­ty towards visi­tors from distant count­ries.

The Bai­kal regi­on is some­thing uni­que, very spe­cial on a glo­bal sca­le. The Bai­kal is also cal­led the “blue eye” of our pla­net. The regi­on also has an advan­ced look. It is cha­rac­te­ri­zed by modern resi­den­ti­al are­as and com­pa­nies of new tech­no­lo­gies in lar­ger cities, such as the regio­nal capi­tal Irkutsk. His­to­ri­cal grows tog­e­ther with new flu­ent. Tou­rism is also con­tri­bu­ting to the immense growth of the rural regi­ons.

I wish the locals at the Bai­kal many new respectful views of their regi­on and visi­tors from all parts of the world. The book is inten­ded to help. Tra­ve­lers can expe­ri­ence dis­co­veries and emo­ti­ons at Lake Bai­kal - in a true para­di­se for the sen­ses and the soul. Rea­ders can get a pic­tu­re of this.

Die Idee
Pry­ing about Lake Bai­kal?

Curious about the Far Eas­tern regi­on of Sibe­ria? Fri­ends of free tra­vel cul­tu­re find their soul-like Eldo­ra­do at Lake Bai­kal, far away from mass tou­rism and monu­men­tal blind­ness. The idea came to a trip to the lake of super­la­ti­ves, to the pearl of Sibe­ria.

Actual­ly, I do not have a big­ger desi­re, except that my fami­ly and my fellow-men are doing well and they are not rein­ma­nö­red in time of war. Per­so­nal­ly, I live a visi­on of tole­rance - and that is also what distin­gu­is­hes the dif­fe­rent peo­p­le of dif­fe­rent peo­p­les and reli­gi­ons who have lived tog­e­ther in the Bai­kal regi­on for a long time.

The fasci­na­ti­on of Sibe­ria and its pearl has been cal­ling me sin­ce I first heard about her deca­des ago. From this source came my basic inte­rest in Rus­si­an cul­tu­re and tra­di­ti­ons. On the trip I had exten­si­ve­ly rese­ar­ched. This is how the plan for the jour­ney descri­bed here came about, in order to get to know the points of the uni­que “wells of the pla­net” or “holy sea” of the Buryats.


Core of Idea ...

... of a Bai­kal trip was the con­side­ra­ti­on of an indi­vi­du­al­ly plan­ned jour­ney to expe­ri­ence, but also to recoll­ect and relax for a small group of about 6 (pos­si­bly 8) women and men who are curious about other, simp­le peo­p­le, their cul­tu­re and natu­re .

Do you have to do mass tou­rism and 40 degrees under palm trees if you just want to find yours­elf, just want to give your body and mind a new look? No - tho­se who want a time-out in a pri­mor­di­al natu­re and venerable tra­di­ti­ons - who want a jour­ney of a spe­cial kind among hos­pi­ta­ble peo­p­le, but still in a wild-romantic land­scape.

Tho­se who are inte­res­ted in the Bai­kal have a chan­ce to get to the bot­tom of soli­ta­ry paths and find old shores. It awaits a las­ting expe­ri­ence and impres­si­ve docu­ments on the “Rei­chen­see” and the deepest source of our earth.

As a peri­od, the sum­mer is in the peri­od from mid-July to the end of August. Natu­re is ful­ly awa­ken­ed from the hard Sibe­ri­an win­ter. The sun­ny sum­mer is very con­tras­ting, in the bays, among others. The beau­tiful san­dy bay (ru. “Buch­ta Pesch­a­na­ja”), the water tem­pe­ra­tu­re also rise abo­ve 20 degrees - of cour­se, also the ear­ly sum­mer and begin­ning autumn have its charms.

Orga­niza­tio­nal Cor­ner­sto­nes

We set up the fol­lo­wing orga­niza­tio­nal pil­lars for the jour­ney to → Bai­kal.

It should be an indi­vi­du­al jour­ney to expe­ri­ence, but also to recoll­ect and reco­ver.

We wan­ted a per­ma­nent gui­ded tour by a reco­gni­zed, local gui­de.

Im Norden Olchons
To the north of Olchon Island (Click to enlar­ge)

Excur­si­ons should be under­ta­ken from basic camps.

We were sur­roun­ded by encoun­ters with local tra­di­ti­ons and local peo­p­le.

Land, natu­re, flo­ra and fau­na we wan­ted to actively expe­ri­ence and enjoy.

It was also important to get to know the flair of the tra­di­tio­nal Trans­sib at Bai­kal.

We wan­ted day trips in alter­na­ti­on with recrea­tio­nal pha­ses and open space, to meet indi­vi­du­al requi­re­ments.

Excur­si­ons should be under­ta­ken with vehic­les alter­na­ting with light trails, but no pro­no­un­ced trek­king.

A cer­tain fle­xi­bi­li­ty in the tra­vel arran­ge­ments was important to us by a small group and a local tour gui­de.

The dura­ti­on of the trip should be 17 days in August - 1 ½ days of arri­val (Ber­lin - Moscow - Irkutsk), 1 day return jour­ney (Irkutsk - Moscow - Ber­lin) and thus 14 days of stay at dif­fe­rent base camps in the sou­thwes­tern Bai­kal area .

Of cour­se the time zone was to be con­side­red with in the sum­mer 6 hours of time dif­fe­rence.

In terms of cos­ts, we wan­ted to cal­cu­la­te a flat rate, inclu­ding all tra­vel, food and accom­mo­da­ti­on cos­ts.

Tour Gui­de

I orga­ni­zed the trip in the long term over almost 2 years tog­e­ther with the Ber­lin fami­ly cele­bra­ti­on, espe­ci­al­ly the reco­gni­zed artist and tra­vel gui­de → Lyud­mi­la Feierabend-Perednewa.

Ulti­m­ate­ly, Lyud­mi­la was extre­me­ly hel­pful for us through her dai­ly, local gui­de. She knows Bai­kal, coun­try, peo­p­le, tra­di­ti­ons, sto­ries and the very spe­cial things on the spot.

Her con­nec­tion to the home­land, the Bai­kal and the place of her child­hood → Slju­dy­an­ka has never lost her. Having grown up in Bai­kal, she had stu­di­ed art in her youth in Irkutsk. After her stu­dies, she beca­me an art tea­cher and pain­ter. Now and then she leads small groups to the places of her youth.

Ljud­mi­la has lived in Ber­lin for over 20 years, whe­re she is mar­ried to the well-known Ger­man under­wa­ter pho­to­grapher Micha­el Fei­er­abend. They met at the Bai­kal. Micha­el Fei­er­abend was always at hand with advice and action in the tra­vel pre­pa­ra­ti­on via Sky­pe and email.

Ljud­mi­la had alre­a­dy tra­ve­led to Bai­kal for over a week befo­re, orga­ni­zed the last details and expec­ted us to arri­ve at Irkutsk at the air­port. Up to our return flight she was our con­stant gui­de and inte­res­t­ing sto­ry tel­ling, nice com­pa­n­ion.

Our next joint tra­vel pro­ject will be the north-east of Moscow → Gol­den Ring - and may­be again the Bai­kal - then along the east coast 🙂 Micha­el has alre­a­dy roo­ted north-east of Moscow.

Lyud­mi­la and Micha­el descri­be the Bai­kal as fol­lows:

The Bai­kal is a las­ting expe­ri­ence in every respect. The grea­test advan­ta­ge of the “Holy Sea,” as the nati­ves call it, is pro­ba­b­ly due to its moral influence on man. Anyo­ne who has ever seen the Bai­kal once, feels psy­cho­lo­gi­cal­ly refi­ned and enri­ched and feels the irre­pres­si­ble desi­re to return to his shores.

We had deve­lo­ped a very cor­di­al, trus­ting, fri­end­ly rela­ti­onship with her. Lyud­mi­la and her hus­band are also gra­teful and very united after the trip.

Sandbucht am Kleinen Meer
San­dy Bay at Litt­le Sea (Click to enlar­ge)
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