Am Rhein zwischen Bingen und Koblenz

Note: This is tem­po­r­a­ri­ly only an auto­ma­tic trans­la­ti­on.

Rüdes­heim regi­on at the river Rhi­ne

Bei Rüdesheim am Rhein

Sep­tem­ber 2015 - on the Midd­le Rhi­ne in the south-west of Ger­ma­ny the­re is not only the wine har­ve­st, but also beau­tiful pho­to­graphs.

In the viney­ard area

A visit to the viney­ards on the Upper → Midd­le Rhi­ne in the area of the breakth­rough val­ley bet­ween → Rüdes­heim on the big River → Rhi­ne and → Ass­mans­hau­sen, via the → Lore­ley and down­stream to → Koblenz is always worth a trip. The­re are many inte­res­t­ing excur­si­on pos­si­bi­li­ties.

I held down here my impres­si­ons of the Rhi­ne Val­ley. Below are my pho­tos in a gal­lery.



Pho­to gal­lery

145 snapshots from Rüdes­heim regi­on at the river Rhi­ne:

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