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Baikal 2016 - Bildautor: Wolle Ing
Talk with the legen­da­ry burya­tic shaman Valen­tin Hag­daev

Pho­to­gra­phy - what is that? The term from the Greek lan­guage means “wri­ting with light”. In any case, it grabs me more and more - years ago by the way, for some time now more and more serious­ly. A pas­si­on for free crea­ti­on, design, illus­tra­ti­on or pain­ting - I always had that. Why not take it more with came­ra, various len­ses, fil­ters, tech­ni­ques etc. Let’s see whe­re this pas­si­on takes me.

2019-11, Untersuhler Rundkirche, Bildautor Wolle Ing,
When I look out of the win­dow of my home office, Untersuhl’s land­mark of Untersuhl shows me quite ana­log­ous­ly what the hour has struck 😉 & occa­sio­nal­ly a new visi­on

I am lured by the power of light. “Your first 10,000 pho­tos are the worst” - I know. This is a cliff that I should be get­ting over by now. The path is the goal. Curio­si­ty is a gui­de in the jungle of igno­rance. Images also sym­bo­li­ze or crea­te for­ma­ti­ve visi­ons. The shaman at the way­si­de at the Bai­kal gave me to under­stand that the world exists only becau­se of its diver­si­ty. He recom­men­ded: “Hold on to it, the diver­si­ty.”



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